Teaching Feelings APK v3.0.23 (Android Download)

Teaching Feelings APK v3.0.23 (Android Download)

Last updated on June 12, 2024


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June 12, 2024


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Teaching Feeling APK is a new alternative if you’re seeking for something else to play on your phone than puzzle or action games. This game, which was made by Ichibikun, provides a unique gaming experience in the style of a graphic novel. It’s similar to reading a novel, except you get to interact with the characters and decide how things work out. Players immerse themselves in the lives of a young guy who looks after Sylvie in Teaching Feeling. Players get to know Sylvie better as the plot develops and find out more about her past. An enjoyable break from the usual smartphone gaming experience, it’s a captivating and absorbing game.

How does the Teaching Feelings APK Work?

Teaching Feeling APK is a unique game in which you can listen to noises from a lovely location with cherry blossom trees while reading a tale and viewing photos. It’s similar to going on an adventure with Sylvie, who is just waiting to share her own romantic tale. Ray-K was the game’s creator, and he worked very hard to make it perfect. Ichibikun provided assistance by repeatedly making sure the game is enjoyable to play. You’re in luck if you know Vietnamese, as there is a special edition of the game for you. Prepare yourself to enter Sylvie’s world and go on an amazing trip that is full of love and excitement.

Teaching Feelings APK Features

History of Game

A doctor who practices in a small town is the topic of the game. A father and a young girl visit the doctor’s home one day. He claims the doctor previously saved his life, and now he wishes to return the favor by giving the girl to the physician. The doctor now has a new story to share.

Gameplay of Game

Players take on a quest in Teaching Feelings to help little Sylvie improve her physical and mental health from the very beginning. Achieving success in this attempt will yield multiple game benefits. It is up to the players to choose the character they want to travel with.

Care of Sylvie

It is the player’s duty to take care of Sylvie as well as to oversee their own everyday routines. They have to work in order to get money, go shopping for basics, and take in their surroundings. Every day is made brighter by Sylvie’s presence, which brings joy and friendship into their lives. By being polite and patient with Sylvie, the player can strengthen their relationship and get Sylvie to progressively react positively to their activities. The benefits of fostering a deep relationship will become apparent to the player as they strike a balance between their responsibilities and their interactions with Sylvie.

Value of Caring

The Teaching Feelings app highlights the value of caring and kindness, particularly for women. Sylvie is shown in the game as someone who should be handled carefully because she seems weak. You must look after her and do the right things to improve her quality of life. The game imparts lessons on kindness and the concept of karma the idea that acts have consequences throughout life. It asks players to consider human rights and other significant concepts.

Different Location

When the game is updated for different locations, simply download it to your smartphone as normal. It’s important to keep in mind that Teaching Feeling on your phone might not immediately store your progress. So be sure to periodically save your own version of the game. That way, you may pick up where you left off when you decide to play again.

Ending of Story

The choices you make in the game Teaching Feeling affect the course of the game. The happy ending of the story depends on your decisions. For example: You won’t find out about Sylvie’s past if you are talking to her and all you do is pat her head. She will still tell you everything if you ask her nicely about her background and show your feelings for her.

Summarise Main Points

Teaching Feelings APK is a lot of excitement in the Teaching Feelings APK game. There are fresh surprises waiting for you every time you play. Everything appears wonderful because of the sharp graphics. Plus, the story is so interesting that it stays with you long after you’ve finished playing. With this game, you’ll never get bored because it will keep you occupied for many hours.

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