Sugar Live Apk v1.40.18 (Android Download)

Sugar Live Apk v1.40.18 (Android Download)

Last updated on June 28, 2024


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June 28, 2024


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Sugar Live Apk is a live video streaming app that allows you to search and connect with thousands of active streamers. You can start streaming and make money if you have skills like acting, dancing, singing, and more.

Using your phone number, Facebook account, or Gmail address, you can quickly register for this app. Sugar Live Apk need an Indonesian cell number to log in. You may follow and communicate with well-known and skilled broadcasters on this app. Some streamers communicate in private areas, while others do it publicly. You can utilize presents or daily missions to earn gems and free entry to private rooms.

How does the Sugar Live Apk Work?

Sugar Live Apk is a live streaming app specifically designed for Indonesian users. Gemilang, Citra Talenta, is the creator. This app is free and has no advertisements. Once you register and begin live streaming, you can start earning money as a streamer. You can earn money from presents and special rooms on this app as you gain popularity and stardom. It only takes one click to launch your own live broadcast and join in conversation with other live broadcasters. Photos and movies can also be shared from your profile.

Sugar Live Apk Features

Indonesian Content

It is specifically designed for Indonesians, Sugar Live Apk. You can make videos that highlight your abilities, culture, and capabilities and share them with others. You may do live streaming with this program, allowing viewers to see you in real time and enjoy your material. People that appreciate your videos will follow and support you whether you sing, dance, cook, or do anything else you’re good at.

Online Conversation

You can communicate with other Indonesians with this app. You can interact with streamers you like by sending them virtual gifts, leaving comments on their videos, or even joining them in a live session. If you’re new to the app, this interaction will help you become popular and develop a sense of community. You can gain more followers and views by connecting with others and showcasing your unique style.

Support Streamers

Sending virtual gifts to your favorite streamers is one way to show them your support. Show your appreciation for their content with these presents, which have an Indonesian cultural flavor. Sending presents requires you to buy coins with real money. If money is not your thing, you may still earn coins by participating in daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Completing these quests will gain you money and free entry to secret rooms where you might talk more in-depth with broadcasters.

Become Expert

You can register for an account on Sugar Live Apk and begin sharing your films if you are talented or skilled. You might make money or get fame by doing this. The top broadcasters are shown on a leaderboard within the app, and being listed there might increase your visibility. You can get paid by your viewers in Sugar Live coins, which can be exchanged for real money and sent straight to your bank account. Your chances of making money and succeeding increase with the amount of interesting and captivating content you provide.

Daily Missions

Every day, the app offers missions that award users with free entries, prizes, and cash. You must play minigames, which include quizzes and puzzles, on the app every day in order to be eligible to participate. There are daily, weekly, and monthly missions available, with the monthly tasks offering the most rewards. You may improve your skills by completing these tasks and earning extra money and rewards.

Easy to Use

Sugar Live Apk was created to be simple and easy to use. Due to its small size, the application doesn’t use much space on your smartphone and operates without lag. You must allow the app to use your location, microphone, and camera in order to broadcast live videos. This enables you to broadcast your live sessions and effortlessly communicate with your audience. The app’s user interface is designed to make it easy to explore and access all of its functions.

Summarise Main Points

Sugar Live Apk is a social networking program that allows you to communicate, interact, and go live with new people and create friends. This app is designed with Indonesians in mind. Based on Indonesian culture, the app offers presents. You may also start a live stream and work your way up the scoreboard to get popularity.

Step 1: Search for Sugar Live Apk on

Step 2: Tap the Download APK button to download it.

Step 3: After downloading, install the app.

Step 4: Launch Sugar Live Apk on your device after installation.

Note: Enable “Unknown Sources” in Settings > Security before installing apps with ComboApk for the first time.

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